Examples of assessments

Let’s look at a few assessments to practice our body language reading skills. You might even consider using a timer so that you can have an accurate reading of when each stress signal starts and ends. Start the timer the nanosecond the door closes

For example:

  • 3sec whining
  • 8sec pacing between door and window
  • 13sec high-pitched barking
  • 25sec scratching at door
  • 30sec guardian returns

Here are a few assessments:

Charlie is clearly anxious about Mum leaving and eventually does settle down, however he isn’t relaxed. He’s still worried. 

Tunnu has isolation distress made worse by crating as you can see:

We try him in his ex-pen instead, and here is the result:

‚ÄčLastly, we try him loose in the home and he does significantly better, however he is still very anxious and even manages to lose control of his bladder while scratching at the door. We continue training with him loose in the home as it has a much better prognosis. 

Lessons in this Course: