Getting Greedy

We are only human! We tend to see progress or a glimpse of hope, and we want to push to “see how far we can go”.  This is very natural, however, when it comes to working through this protocol, it can easily backfire, and often does.

There’s a fine line between getting greedy and being too conservative. 

We want to walk the line and be mindful. This is where observing your dog is crucial. There are times where we may push and our dog can handle it, and there are times where we may push and the muscle snaps. Pushing too hard (getting greedy) can be more detrimental than being too conservative, however, being too conservative can keep you at a stagnant point for too long. Not necessarily high risk, but simply “annoying”. 

Stay the course; try not to get greedy. Keep asking your dog “how is this for you?” as you work through the steps. Their body language and behaviour will give you the answer – you just have to be able to read it!

For the next few days, run this mission and let us know how things are going in our Facebook group!

If it’s too hard, make those harder steps a little easier; for example, instead of 1-mississippi, make it 1-miss- and return, then build to 1-mississ- and return, then build to 1-misssip- and return, and so forth. This is called splitting the criteria as you are quite literally doing just that – splitting it into smaller steps that make it easier for your dog. 

Click “NEXT LESSON” to access to Module 5: Step away and nobody will get hurt! where we will work on building duration outside the home. You’ll want to make sure your dog is very comfortable at this level before jumping in. It can take a week, so even though you have access to the next steps after 3 days, take the time your dog needs to get comfortable and don’t rush to keep up. 

Lessons in this Course: