Cutting the cord

Once you’ve built your dog up to absences that allow you to go and do the things you need to do in life (work, play, groceries, you name it), you’ll find that you have a hard time letting go. You might still check your camera every few minutes or have difficulty focusing for long periods of time without your mind wandering back to “I wonder if Rover is still okay…” 

This is normal! We do have to “cut the cord” so to speak, so that you can get back to your everyday life and enjoy the freedom you have found and the relaxation that your dog has found!

Over time, you might consider setting an alarm on your phone or FitBit to remind you to check hourly but then after a few days, change it to every 90 minutes, then again after a few days change it to 2 hours, etc. until you check once during an absence or not at all. 

The occasional check-in is just fine, but don’t allow yourself to get sucked into obsessive monitoring. If your dog is having a challenging day or week, then certainly be on top of it and be ready to get home or call the dog walker or neighbour if you need to!

Lessons in this Course: