Gator-Mouth is an exercise in handling that allows us to create a fantastic association with opening our dog’s mouth and removing an item, administering a pill, or simply checking their teeth. It’s easy to do and takes no time at all! 

Step 1: Armed with a VERY tasty treat, gently open your dog’s mouth and place the treat inside. Close their mouth and go about your business. Your dog’s first reaction might be “What the—-” and then a sudden “Oooooh!! Mmmmmm!!”, making the next time a little easier.ventually, they’ll be happy to tolerate you opening their mouth up whenever! Most dogs would appreciate a chunk of stinky old cheddar or a hunk of chicken or beef. It has to be something novel and amazing! 

CAUTION: If your dog has body handling issues, a bite history, resource guarding tendencies, do NOT attempt this exercise. Instead, get in touch with us and allow us to help you through a more gradual plan to prevent a bite incident. 

Check out our Live Training replay video from July 8, 2020: