Go to mat


Teaching your dog to go to their mat can be one of the most important behaviours in your toolbox. When successfully trained, you should be able to cue your dog to go to their mat from a distance and in many different environments. Eventually, they can even lay down and relax on the mat until released. This behaviour can be very helpful when you are doing activities such as cooking, greeting visitors, cleaning up messes, eating meals, or when the doorbell rings.

You can create a natural magnetic effect by ONLY bringing the mat out when you are actively training or feeding a stuffed food toy, meal, or chew. When the good stuff is done, put the mat away. Guaranteed, your dog will start hopping on that mat as soon as they see it! 

Use a mat, towel, blanket, or your dog’s bed. Be armed with your clicker and a treat pouch full of high value, pea-sized treats. 

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