Step 1: Interacting with the mat


To begin, hold the mat in your hand or tucked under your arm. Next, place the mat on the floor a foot or two away from your dog and watch carefully. If your dog glances towards the mat, CLICK the look. Then treat your dog by placing 4 or 5 treats, one by one, on the mat. Once your dog has eaten all the treats on the mat, gently encourage them away from the mat or toss a treat so your dog follows. Immediately scoop up the mat and tuck it under your arm. Stand, wait, and be boring for 5-10 seconds before repeating. Repeat 5-10 times.

If at any point the dog does not look toward the mat, don’t worry! Wait 15 full seconds, then pick up the mat, and then wait 15 seconds before putting it down again.