Step 1: The Leash


Your leash should be 5′-10′ long, depending on where you are going and what you are doing. On a city street, a 5′-6′ leash is ideal. If the leash is too short, you will have a frustrated dog. If it’s too long, you won’t have control. In a suburban area, a 6′-10′ leash is more appropriate. It will let them sniff and move around a bit. For hiking or walking in a large open space, a 10’+ leash works well. However, that only applies if you have a friendly dog with few concerns (i.e. poop eating, Pica, reactivity, etc). 

Retractable (Flexi) leashes do not have any place on city streets. These leashes are dangerous and provide no control. Furthermore, they go against city bylaws (unless they are locked at 6′). Therefore, reserve these leashes for hikes, introducing a dog to a body of water, or when walking in large open spaces only.