Step 4: Feeding for Position


Next, let’s think about position-feeding. Wherever you feed, your dog is going to be magnetically be drawn to that area next time. If you feed in front of your body, your dog will hang out in front of you. If you feed behind your body, your dog will hang out behind you. If you feed beside your leg, your dog will hang out beside you. If you feed up too high, your dog will jump. If you feed down too low, your dog will lie down or you might just topple over. Therefore, it’s always wise to feed for position.

If you want your dog on the left, choose a spot about the height of your dog’s nose on the seam of your left pant leg. If you want your dog on the right, do the same on right side. Memorize this spot. This is going to be your drive-thru window. You will feed here when rewarding polite walking. Your dog must come to the window to get their food as opposed to you providing a delivery service to wherever they are.

To begin, stand with your dog beside you. If they are not pulling and remain within an arm’s reach, click and then feed them at that drive-thru window. Repeat this ten times while standing still. There is no need to move around just yet. This step is just to show your dog where you want them to pick up their food.