Step 12: Turn back for 1 second


Ask your dog to “Down” and “Stay.” Facing your dog, take one step back. Turn your back on your dog for 1 second and then turn back to face them again. Step forward and return to your original (home) position. If your dog stays, reward them in the down position. However, if your dog moves out of position by standing up or trying to follow you, use your No-Reward Marker and then start over. Repeat until you have 5 successful repetitions in a row. Next, increase your distance, one step at a time, until you are across the room. Keep your eyes on the dog so that your No-Reward Marker timing is correct (say it the instant they break the stay). Bungee back to your dog after reaching each distance goal and turning your back for 1 second. Give your release cue and take a break before moving on to Step 13.