Step three:


So you’ve been working at it and you’ve been able to get within 8 feet or so of your Decoy Team. This is AMAZING. It’s hard work!!

Once you’re within 8 feet, I want you to treat this like a Say Please exercise. Stop and ask for a behaviour you know your dog can do well. I try not to ask for a sit or down as that is far too difficult and can actually increase frustration. I prefer easy stuff like Eye Contact or Hand Targeting or even a trick like ‘shake a paw’ if your dog knows it!

The instant your dog performs it, you’re going to say “go say hi!!” with enthusiasm (not too crazy) and be ready to move with them towards the other dog.

Please be sure the other dog is okay with being greeted at this point!!

The reward is saying ‘hi’ to a friend.

Are we done? Nope. You might have to practice this entire sequence a half dozen times in a few different environments with different dogs, but it is SO worth it. Trust me. This is really hard for social dogs but you’re setting them up for a lifetime of success by doing this with them.