Step two:


Now that you’ve played a little Look at That, you can start working on polite walking towards the dog but take it easy – don’t rush and don’t tighten up the leash and force your dog closer to you. The goal is that you start moving towards the Decoy Team and for every loose-leash-and-no-barking-fussing step that you take, the closer you get!

Verbally praise your dog and be excited about it. Your dog needs to know that this is fantastic.

The instant your dog starts to pull, get jazzed up, barks, fusses, or walks on hind legs, you need to deliver a FAST Time-Out. Here’s what that looks like:

Say “oh, too bad…” and then turn and walk back to the starting point.

Start again! The consequence has to be swift in order to be effective.

You might have to repeat it 10 times before you get past a certain point. That’s okay.

Frequently Asked Question: Can I reward the polite walking with food?

Answer: You can reward with food every few steps if you’d like, but I try to do this exercise without food if I can… The reward is arriving at the dog and being allowed to visit and play.