Step 5: Time-Out Flowchart


What It Will Look Like: The Phases of Training

Phase 1: “Tra la la”

~Trials 1 – 4 Dog has made no connections between the elements in the flowchart above

Phase 2: May Try Resisting Arrest

~Trials 4 – 12 Dog has made the connection between the time-out and the T/O cue so may try to avoid being caught. But the dog has made no connection yet between the warning cue, behaviour, and punishment (time-out).

Phase 3: Hit and Miss

~Trials 12 – 20 Dog is beginning to put it all together and so is engaging in the undesirable behaviour less and/or heeding the warning cue (i.e. ceasing the undesirable behaviour when warned) but not consistently. 

Somewhere Between Trials 12 & 20: Success!  The Behaviour Crashes

The dog has put it all together and refrains from the undesirable behaviour and/or consistently heeds warning cues with only occasional lapses (time out for these lapses.)