Visitors (happy dogs)


A happy dog who greets visitors with gusto is a “luxury problem”, as I like to say. It could be worse – your dog could be human-reactive and dangerous around visitors! If you have a dog who barks at the doorbell/knocking and then greets your visitors with the most extensive ear and nostril cleaning you’ve ever seen, you’ve got a happy dog!

I know. It’s not always ideal. Some visitors don’t love dogs (what?!) and some are afraid (poor souls…) and some are too small or too frail to have this level of interaction with a dog.

Getting into a good routine right away pays dividends down the road. You and your dog will both know what to do, and your guests won’t get jumped on.

Training Tip: If visitors are coming and you don’t have time to train, put your dog in their crate or confinement area with some things to chew on. Don’t give them the opportunity to learn bad habits. If you have non-compliant people coming over, manage the same way – you do not want other people un-training your dog after all this hard work! It’s not worth it!

Troubleshooting: If your dog is having trouble with your visitor routine, be ready to reward more frequently and ask for something easier. For example, if you were asking for a sit-stay when the doorbell goes off, instead ask for a quick sit, then release your dog to say hello.

Check out our Live Training replay video from November 4th, 2020: