Yo-Yo Exercise


This exercise is a great starter for puppies and dogs who are getting comfortable in a confinement area and are feeling a little frustrated with being separated. Think of this as kindling for the Happy Home-Alone Puppies course, as long as your puppy isn’t experiencing true distress.

How do you know?

Frustration is often just barking and jumping on the gate/crate/pen.

Distress includes those signs but also panting, howling, crying, biting the bars, sometimes losing control of bladder/bowels, and is more frantic.

If your dog is showing signs of distress, skip straight to the Happy Home-Alone Puppies course and get some support from us in the Community!

Let’s get started, provided your pup is feeling okay. Be sure to take them for a nice walk first, let them do some business, and even leave them with a chew if you’d like. If they’re awake, the exercise will be effective, even if they’re distracted by the chew.

We don’t want your dog to be exhausted – just relaxed and socially satiated.